You Might Be an SEO If…

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Everyone could use a little fun on a Monday so I figured this would be the perfect post to start of the new week. Also, I just read Shoemoney’s Monday Mailbag (not sure if he’s calling it that or not but he should) in which he answered the question of whether or not he considers himself an SEO. So I figured I’d make it easy for him and create a quick little checklist. If most of these describe you, there’s a pretty good chance you’re an SEO. As usual, I’m sure you (the reader) will come up with even better points than I do so feel free to continue the list on your blog, forum, or just leave a comment below. Here we go!

You Might Be an SEO If…

  • Jeff FoxworthyYou use “Google” as a swear word…
  • You refer to pregnancy as “having one in the sandbox”…
  • Your conversations naturally have 13% keyword density.
  • You’ve ever tried to pay a bill with links. (Bonus points if you’ve ever written a check with the URL of the link in the “total” field)
  • At parent teacher conferences you approach teachers about their .edu links…
  • You consider something “going viral” a good thing…
  • You judge your child’s book report by it’s “linkability“…
  • You hear that someone lives in a “bad neighborhood” and make a mental note to never link to them.
  • You’ve ever woken up from a nightmare screaming “Don’t be evil!
  • You brag to your buddies from the gym about how much link weight you pass…
  • You’ve actually debated whether your significant other or Google’s algorithm is easier to understand…
  • You use a viral marketing campaign to propose to your girlfriend
  • You’ve ever used the line “So… you wanna go back to my place and do a little reciprocal linking?”

Edit: Actually, instead of waiting around for more suggestions, I’ve decided to “tag” Donna, RMC, Kichus, Lyndon, and Neil.

As I said, I’m sure I’ve missed some great ones, so feel free to continue the list on your own site. Just be sure to comment or email me (bcook[at] the URL so I can link to your list.


Edit #2: Special shout out to Yuri from Improve the Web who created a list and even tagged a few more people! Thanks!

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