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Get Paid to Guest Post

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I got a request to pass on the fact that (great SEO domain name) is looking for guest bloggers. While that’s hardly anything new I decided to post about it because they will pay you for your posts. They don’t list a price, but on their “Write for

Google Pimp Smacks Authority Sites

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As frequent readers of this blog know, there’s no love lost between Google and myself. In my opinion Google has two sets of standards for almost everything they do, kowtowing to big sites, publishers, ad buyers, whatever and pissing all over the little guys. Well, today it appears Google

Rand Fishkin Interview: A Response

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A couple of weeks ago I published a post that brought up serious issues that I felt needed to be addressed by SEOmoz and Rand in particular. Despite my best efforts to focus on actions rather than character or motives, I felt the main points were largely ignored in

Rand & SEOmoz: Unprofessional and Irresponsible Actions

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I’m sure this isn’t going to be popular but I’d ask anyone reading this to hold off making a judgment on this until you read the entire post. In fact, I’ve written three different versions of this post each one less passionate and less direct than I would like.

Site Review:

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In any site review the first thing that springs up is the look and feel of the site. Sometimes it’s an unpleasant greeting or even an assault on the senses but in the case of I was pleasantly surprised. The website has a clean and simple look to