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Spare Change? Ten Adsense Alternatives

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I recently implemented Adsense on a new site and, checking the results, I learned that yesterday I had two clicks for a total of three cents. As it turns out, I also made ten cents yesterday by picking up a dime off the parking lot at McDonalds. So my

Adobe CS3 First Impressions: Installation Pain

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Like many of you, I’ve been looking forward to Adobe’s new Creative Suite 3. So, when I found the software package in my mail after I returned from vacation, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Unfortunately I had to wait, since Adobe seriously botched the install process. The

SEO is Dead

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OK, that sounds a bit over the top for a site with SEO in its name so I’ll clarify. I did not mean Search Engine Optimization, as we know it, is dead. Nor did I mean to say that SEO has become Search Engine Marketing, Online Marketing or anything

Bury me quick I’m an SEO

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Update, Back from the Dead: I haven’t heard anything from Digg but, as mvandemar pointed out in the forum, the searches referenced below now return correct results revealing only about 14 pages of buried SEO stories (of which this post is one). Good to know SEOs aren’t as universally