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Health of the Refuge: How Digg helped jump start our forum

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In the first of an occassional series on the State of SEO Refugee I explore the effects of a revitalized blog and recognition from Digg on our site. All the numbers are based upon our Google Analytics reports. Patient is stable and resting comfortably. If this article had been

Yahoo Selling Search Results?

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According to a thread in our SEO Forum and a post at SEO-Scoop, Yahoo is including pay-per click ads in its organic listings. To the casual observer, the ads are indistinguishable from regular listings leading some to question whether Yahoo! is selling rankings in their search engine result pages

Top Ten Lessons I’ve Learned About Managing an Online Forum

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Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the management of two online forums; a few years as a designer and occasional participant at Vince Gill’s online fan club and as a co-founder here at SEOrefugee. The contrasts between the two forums are huge: Vince

Google Analytics: No updates for over 24 hours.

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At least some Google Analytics accounts have not received updates stats for over 24 hours. I’ve felt that analytics was “sluggish” for the past week (see this thread on the forum). A delay of three to five hours isn’t unusual for Analytics (and not too bad for a free

More uses for the nofollow tag

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You can comment on this cartoon in the forum…