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A Look Inside Digg’s Top 100

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I began to wonder... how much of what's been written about these people is true? How much power do these users really hold? And, most of all, what do they think about all the attention they've been receiving lately. So, I decided to ask them. I tracked down several

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

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“First, you got to create good content. Second, you ought to make your content accessible. And third, you should tell others about your content.” This story made it to Digg.com’s front page and just goes to show that the general public A) is interested in how to rank in

A Response to Digg Listings in Google Results

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How can Google (and the other search engines) allow Digg (as well as other social bookmarking sites) listings in their search results while still offering the searcher and author maximum benefit? Simple...