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How to Buy a Domain

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A great domain name is simple, unique, and easy to remember for the readers. If you want to setup your website then the first thing you need to do is purchase a Domain. Buying a domain involves many steps. I will give you the complete guideline on buying a

The Facebook Messenger ultimate tutorial

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Facebook Messenger is the official Facebook messaging app that lets you have text conversations with all of your friends on the popular social network Facebook. You can send messages to your friends, groups & pages on the facebook. On this article, we will show you what the thing you

How to Convert Youtube Videos to MP3

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Youtube is an ocean of music, videos, tutorials and much more. You can convert a YouTube any video to an MP3 file in a number of ways. Like, using a conversion website, downloading some apps which will do the work for you, browser extensions and conversion programs are also

Amazon Echo review

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AMAZON ECHO Amazon Echo is an AI device runs on Amazon clouds, named Alexa. I love Alexa, after buying it, I started falling in love with it. Its voice recognition capabilities are truly amazing. She will listen to commands, answer questions, plays music including spotify & controls smart home

Go Vote!

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The SEOs fight fat challenge is over, and now it’s your turn… no I’m not saying you need to lose weight, I’m saying that you need to go vote for the winner. Sadly, I’m not one of the two you can vote for. I lost as much as 10lbs