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Hilarious but Unfortunate Search Ads

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Reuben’s discovery that Ebay is once again selling “Black People for Less” reminded me of a few of my favorite search ads. Now obviously these are all the result of massive pay-per-click campaigns that use broad matching to bid on millions of terms. Even knowing all that, I still

Google’s Matt Cutts: Web Dominatrix

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Well in the spirit of Michael Gray's latest post about Google's Policy on the nofollow tag, and the newly launched I proudly bring you a new SEO Cartoon!

More uses for the nofollow tag

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Skitzzo’s Honeymoon

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Who broke my SEOrefugee?

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So sure we were trying to upgrade the server when the site went down but can it be a coincidence that the day after the election, when Al Gore would probably be turning his attention from politics back to HIS Internet we start experiencing problems? Anyway, it’s my cartoon