Click Fraud: Adwords Users Beware

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Click fraud, it doesn’t sound good does it?

As most of you already know, Google adsense is a program for people who want to advertise on their website. Google will place ads on your website related to the content. Every time someone clicks on one of these ads, you will receive payment. The payment can vary from 1 penny to about 1 dollar!

Click fraud can be defined as simply abusing Google adsense. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people who create website with the sole purpose of generating extra income. This is fine as long as the website has decent content, but there are sites that have been built to make people click on ads on accident. You should never do this. It is not worth the consequences!

There are some methods of click fraud that are incredibly in depth and some that are very simple. There have been bots created known as “hitbots” that will automatically go out and click links and banners to generate more revenue.

Google has done their best to prevent this from happening by creating a protection scheme but it is by no means perfect. How would you feel if you were paying $1.50 for a click and someone fraudulently clicked it ten times and you received nothing in return?

Did you know there are poor countries, such as India, where people get paid to click links all day. A person could pay someone in India literally $0.50 an hour to sit and click links all day. United States currency is still much higher than Indian currency. Don’t get too worried just yet, a person cannot simply click the same links all day. The person would get banned very quickly if the link was click more than about 10 times in an hour. This would result in a permanent ban from adsense and a possible lawsuit.

Unfortunately, people are smart and have devised mechanisms around this. People use proxy servers, and lots of them, for clicking purposes. Basically, trojans are used on several computers throughout the world to click the ads. This makes it almost impossible to track and makes innocent people appear to be the scammer. These instances are going on constantly underground. Google does not make these issues public. They are not just isolated instances. Be sure you are avoiding click fraud!

There are some people who believe click fraud has been as high as 20 percent across the board. Several of Googles employees have been sued for giving away secrets about security. There are also things called click rings. A click ring is basically when two people want to make money with adsense they simply click each other’s links and banners. Even with click fraud, advertising on Google is one of the most powerful ways to target your market and rate of investment. One sure fire way to avoid click fraud is to not advertise on the content network. From my experience, the content network is incredibly poorly targeted anyway.