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    400 Product Onebox is Here!

    Hey all, has rolled out their product Onebox for product specific search queries.

    So now in addition to getting listed within their shopping services you actually get exposure on Web search results (as long as the query matches).

    I posted about this on my blog, but it's not browser compatible yet, I still have some work to do on it and I would feel dumb sending you all there at this time so I will try and post the screenshots here and let you all comment based on those. If you have Firefox it's not bad though, and if you can offer assistance with my design and CSS I asked for it here.

    Searched for "nikon digital camera" Onebox

    Google Onebox

    Searched for "digital camera" Onebox

    Google didn't have a Onebox for digital camera. I noticed the second picture has ratings in the form of "star icons." Also, I noticed the second search came up with all canon digital cameras in the results on a general search for digital camera.
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