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Thread: vBulletin Features for Members

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    vBulletin Features for Members

    I keep stumbling across new useful features of vBulletin that I wasn't aware of, so I thought I start a thread here to point some of them out in case other users have missed them.

    I'll start with the "Quick Links" pull-down menu on the right side of the main menu next to "Log Out."

    Here, briefly is what it offers:

    Today's Posts: Logically enough, it brings up a list of threads which have been posted to today.

    Mark Forums Read: Clicking this link marks all the forums read. Clicking here and then viewing "New Posts" will find no new posts.

    Open Buddy List: Opens your Buddy List. You can manage your
    Buddy List (and your Ignore List) in the User Control Panel. It's near the bottom under Miscellaneous. When open, your Buddy List will show you which of your buddies is online and allow you to PM them.

    The next several links in the menu (User Control Panel, Edit Signatures, Edit Profile, Edit Options, Private Messages and Subscribed Threads) give you direct access to areas within your User Control Panel.

    My Profile: Takes you to your public profile page.

    Who's Online: The final link in the Quick Links menu takes you to a list of members and guests currently online. You'll also be able to see what thread they're viewing. Among the guests, you'll usually find at least a couple of bots from the major search engines crawling the site.

    That's it for now. I'll have more tips later if there's a demand. And please feel free to ask questions.

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    Little tip: unless you're especially fond of the SRFG home page, change your bookmarks link to... jump to the new posts list right away. Try...
    ...if you like to read all last night's shouts each "morning after". And finally...
    ...if you like to aim straight for the shoutbox when you get here

    Hey, DIY your SEO and smile!... Gotta love my host (no kidding)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wit
    ...if you like to aim straight for the shoutbox when you get here


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