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  1. How to know KEI of keywords using into Website?

    Hello Guys.

    I want to know about KEI
    and how can i use it?

    Is it paid tool or free tool..
    suggestions requires..

  2. How to increase keyword search in Google Autocomplete?


    Today my question is related something google autocomplete.

    In which, i want to know how can i increase a keyword search in google search so it can live show in
    search suggestions.
  3. What is your favorite SEO tool and why?

    Kindly share the name
    and useful steps of it.

    and how we can use and make it workable for website.
  4. What is Google Webmaster Tools/Google Search Console?

    Share steps to follow and understand use of it.
  5. How would you describe On-page SEO?

    Share the Steps to follow.
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    What is it new Google Update?

    Hello everyone.

    Anyone knows about google updates.

    and how to counter them so that website ranking and linking do not get hurt.

    waiting for the revert.

    Whitevox company
  7. How to take action against duplicate content?

    Hello Everyone,

    Kindly share your experience in Duplicate content, and how you take down from another website?

    When you know someone to copy and paste some content from your website and using...
  8. Do headings still play a big role in seo ?

    In 2017 do you still consider headings to be a vital part of your overall on-site SEO ?

    I would assume h1 is still massively relevant, h2 also used to play a significant part but does it play as...
  9. Steps for increase the organic traffic of website?

    Kindly share your suggestions

    how can i increase my site organic traffic?

    what steps i need to follow on daily basis.
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    Organic traffic & Ranking


    can anyone know, what tactics i need to do or take steps to generate organic traffic for my website?

    thanks in advance.
  11. Target Website with Backlink for Ranking?

    Can anyone give me some suggestions?

    If the website is not ranking then which are the good platforms through i need to make backlink

    so the website can start ranking.
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    How can you do SEO for a video?

    As everyone want to rank in google or in youtube.

    But i want to rank my video in google,

    Give me some tips and suggestions so i can workout on them.

    bookmarking, ppt, pdf, not work worth.
  13. Can anyone help me in Angular Website?

    What changes I do on my website so it gets index in google.

    My website is based on Angular but after 3 months still not getting index and not even cache in google.

    Any developer who worked on...
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    How to get geo target traffic?

    Can u give me some tips on it.
  15. How to Index Angular Website in Google?


    My website is based on Angular technology.
    And when i check Cache of my website, Google did not indexing even a word from the content on website.

    Can anyone help me out in this issue....
  16. How to get or generate Organic Traffic?


    I want to know, what exerice i need to perform so i can generate organic traffic for my website and for blog.

    This is what everyone looking up. Some knows the answer and some still like me...
  17. How can i get more organic traffic?


    As you all knows, google works on organic method, in which user, search a term in search bar and visit there
    interest based website.
    That google calls organic visitor and user and give 1...
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    which are best off page tools

    Can anyone share their thoughts

    which are best off page tools i can use fort ranking on targeted keywords.
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    Best seo tools for on-page?

    hello everyone,

    can anyone brief me some tools for website on-site work?

    there are some pages on my site is not ranking.
  20. what to do to increase the DA of Website?

    Hello Everyone,

    Well, my question is how to increase DA?

    As currently its a new website with fresh content and I am looking to know what steps I need to take to increase the DA of the website.
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    Backlink for Video & BLog

    Hello people's

    can you know how can i get good DA backlink for my blog and video

    so they can rank into Google on targeted long tail keywords.

    waiting for your suggestions.

    thanks in...
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    How can you do SEO for a video?

    hello everyone

    today my question is seo for video.

    i want to rank my video on google, not in youtube.
    so what activities i need to do in it for ranking. 

    Thanks in advance for your...
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    Site Review and Suggestions

    Just look my website and blog
    with keyword whitevox company

    and let me know your reviews and suggestions for any changes if required.
  24. Is there any tool can help in Auto complete generation

    Hello everyone,

    can anyone help me in this.

    i want to create some google auto suggestions
  25. What is RankBrain and why does it matter?

    Hello everyone,

    can you guide me on this and how are they used?
    Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions
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