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Thread: Wordpress Subdomain - Duplicate Content?

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    Wordpress Subdomain - Duplicate Content?

    Hello all,

    I set up a wordpress blog, yet to be published because of one issue.

    I set it up as a subdomain,, and within wordpress everything points to that. However, I somehow created a subdirectory ( Now the files are all stored within the /blog/ subdirectory, but if you go to EITHER the subdomain OR subdirectory you can see the content.

    This has got to be duplicate content red flags everywhere!

    How can I get the files to the subdirectory using GoDaddy's FTP client?

    Any help would be awesome

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    I have the perfect first solution.

    1. Get off of Godaddy hosting. I dont have enough time in the day to explain to you the issues with that; one of them possibly being your current issue.

    2. When you move over to a real host with real FTP and real Cpanel, install wordpress into ONE location. I suggest don't do a subdomain unless you plan on having to basically build to each site twice.

    3. Your problem will now be fixed, you wont, hopefully, be sitting on the same IP as about 500,000 spammers and the planets shall align

    PS you will most likely save money over Godaddy hosting as well. I recommend Godaddy as a registrar, but none of their other services.

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    Several servers are set up to host subdomains in subfolders of the main domain. I would think you could 301 redirect the folder to the subdomain and avoid and duplicate content issues.

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