Both On page and off page procedure is comparatively important to achieve your rank on the SERP.
Now a days strong and Quality backlinks are considered as a Key factor to appear on the first ranking.
Creating backlinks on good web platform makes your content trustworthy to the search engine, mainly we create backlinks to make contents to be indexed on search engine as Google ,but only Dofollow web authorities allow to get indexed by google. After indexing more and more links that makes you trustworthy to the search engine and allow your visibility on the first search result.

There are many kinds of backlink activities for off page method as Web 2.0, article submission, profile backlink, Press release.
In my eyes Web 2.0 is the best plat form to get backlinks because high authority domain and page will boost your page on Search engine.
There are many high authority domain sites as WordPress, Blogger that allow us to establish Web 2.0 to create our pages with a unique URL Making your presence on these platforms will help you reach a wider audience for your website.
Besides that, Many websites with PA (page authority) and DA (Domain authority) like, etc. allow to get listed with your web profile which are found very helpful.
Press release and article submission are also very useful for backlink activates. You can write an article with relevant and trending topic or niche and can submit on many article submission directories as i am going to mention
I would recommend 1000 to 1200 words for a well written article.
You can find there some press release site as, PR-inside to submit your press release.
Experts recommend to write with 500 to 800 words for press release.
Always be aware about Keywords and topic when writing a content.
You may use hyperlink on those articles or press release but remember you shouldn't use more than 1.5% hyperlink in an article and experts always recommend to use 1-1.2%. That means if you write an article
Of 1000 words you should use 10 to 12 or maximum 15 hyperlinked words on that.

You can also work on Guest posting Social bookmarking, Infographics submission to get quality backlinks.
Also replacing dead or broken links in Wikipedia is a very good backlinks strategy. But few people use it, because it takes more time that article submission for example.
I won’t prefer any single channel to practice backlink activities. What I will say that the best practice would be utilize them all on their proper way.
Start link building and try to get as much backlinks from high authority domains.
Though Search engines as google always emphasis quality and relevant content rather than other seo procedure.
The procedure has changed or updated but the concept.
Strong backlinks from high authority domains,who allows your content and link to be indexed by google bot are really so helpful top get ranked on SERP.

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