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Thread: Hotlink protection

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    Question Hotlink protection


    I just implemented this: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/hotlinking/
    on a site, and it works great when someone links directly to an image, something that is done a lot with the site in question. However the solution is not perfect since bloggers often hotlink the images, something I do not mind since I used to use the GD librarly to add the URL of my site to the hotlinked image.

    What I want and need is the best of both, I need a way to combine the two approches. Without perferly without fetching the markup of the page doing the linking or hotlinking. I do not see how I can do it without doing just that.

    Please help me out.
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    Just apply the final solution without blocking hotlinking. Or you can add exclusions on a site-by-site basis. That "solution" is filled with it's own problems though.
    Clue in soon!

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