Hi everyone...

First off, I'm not a businessman or someone looking to start a website. I'm just a normal person who's not in a position to buy webspace or advertising or whatever. I've done some research on this problem, and most of the sites assume that I'm the former. At the same time, while I realize this forum mostly deals with this type of thing, I was hoping someone could still help me with this as it's a somewhat related concern.

Basically, someone posted personal information about me with some slander thrown in on the comments for a blog. The webhosts refused to take it down. For the most part, however, these results showed up on Google's fifth ranking page or so, so I wasn't too worried being that apparently very few people click beyond the first couple of pages.

Now, however, someone else made a comment on the blog and (I'm guessing this is the reason why) now the blog's at #1, so this is the first thing someone sees when searching for my name. While it's not exactly the end of the world for me, I am uncomfortable with it being the first thing that people will see if they decide to search for my name.

So my questions are:

1. Will this site go back down on it's own eventually? It's not a professional blog, it's just some schmuck with wordpress and I can't imagine it receives too much traffic. At the same time, the last time it was updated was in April and it's still at #1.

If necessary, I will supply the links to the blogs if that would help in determining why it's so high up.

and if not

2. What are some ways that I can lower it myself? I don't 'own' any websites, but I do have some networking pages (Facebook) as well as some articles I've written elsewhere for my local newspaper that are online. Are there any easy/free ways I can move these sites up?

Thanks for your help!