I have few extra prepaid professional VPS sitting around from this company: www.vpswebserver.com. I can offer some of them in exchange for SEO. I have 3 x VPS 2048 and 2 x VPS 4096 which I can offer. In exchange I would like SEO for some of my sites. You would need to give me reports of whats done with links (otherwise there is no way for me to know if you are actually doing the job ).
Servers are stable and their support is great, but you would need to tell me if there is a problem and I would contact their support since I have account with them.
If after some time you get me great results with your SEO then I can also add extra money additionally to the VPS.
Please do not offer me SEO for money saying that you dont need VPS. I tried many SEO "professionals" and lost lot of money so there is no way I will start paying until I see results. Since no one wants to work for free, and for any results we need at least few months, this was my idea

PM me if you are interested!