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Thread: Average cost of app Development

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    Average cost of app Development

    What Factors Determine the Cost of ERP System?

    An ERP system is a complex solution that may consist of a various number of modules each of which implements the particular functionality. Therefore, the average cost of app development can’t be evaluated explicitly. Nevertheless, we can divide the process of development and deployment into several parts which will help us to make more or less accurate calculations:

    1. Implementation.

    If you want to deploy an ERP system on your corporate servers, there’s something you should remember about how this decision will affect the overall cost. Each ERP system is a pretty complex system. Therefore such a system requires the due attention of experienced professionals to be installed and configured. There’s a high probability that you’ll need to upgrade or change your servers to launch the ERP system properly. You will need to include these implementation costs in the total price of the ERP system.

    2. Training.

    It might be not so easy for your employees to start using a newly adopted ERP system right away. That’s the reason why your staff might require additional training on how to use such a system. Often, the ERP vendor provides training upon request at a standardized hourly rate which also will increase the overall cost.

    3. Business processes redesign.

    If your company is upgrading to a complex ERP system, you’ll have to redesign a lot of processes which may increase the overall cost of adopting an ERP system. Many daily tasks that are handled manually will be automated by the ERP system to increase accuracy and efficiency. Such changes require time and effort, so you can expect to have some changes in your company’s business processes to coincide with the software’s processes.

    4. Maintenance.

    There’s the need to maintain your ERP system, so you’ll need to factor these costs as well. This factor includes hardware, network, and labor costs from the IT department to ensure that the system works correctly.

    5. Upgrades.

    Your ERP system should be continuously updated which may increase the overall cost. Otherwise, it’ll become obsolete and less useful. You should consider how often you’ll upgrade your ERP system and what the costs will be. Also, pay attention, that every upgrade can affect business processes or require additional hardware or software.

    6. Support.

    Most probably, your staff will face some issues during the work with the ERP system. Therefore, you should ensure that your software vendor will provide you with technical support that will help to resolve these troubles. Ask the software developer if tech support is included in the licensing fee or is an additional cost.

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    Number of Users. ...
    Add-Ons/Customization. ...
    Implementation Strategy. ...
    Deployment Method. ...
    Training/Customer Support. ...
    Software Maintenance and Upgrades. ...
    Time. ...

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    The cost will depend upon the specifications of the app you intend to develop if one needs a spot-on number. But a basic or average amount for App development usually ranges from 10,000$ to 100,000$.
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    There are many factors that directly & indirectly affects your app total cost. App niche & development cost are just name to few.

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    Number of Users
    Implementation Strategy
    Deployment Method
    Training/Customer Support
    Software Maintenance and Upgrades

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    The median app development cost is around $171,450 (at a rate of $150/hour), which represents 1,143 development hours. The total app price could even increase to $727,500 in the case of complex functionality implementation (Clutch Survey, 2015) Average minimum app development project is between $5,000 to $10,000.

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    The average cost of app development can range widely, depending on various factors such as the platform (iOS, An♪♪♪♪♪, etc.), the complexity of the app, the number of features, the development team's location and experience, and the app design. On average, the cost of app development can range anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000 or more. It's important to discuss your project requirements and budget with a development team to get a more accurate estimate.

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