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Thread: What is a Web server?

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    In web hosting services, a web server stores all website data and secures it from unauthorized users when it is properly configured. 2. Provides web database access: A web server's responsibility is to provide access to websites that are hosted.

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    A web server is a software application that is responsible for processing and delivering web pages to clients over the internet. It acts as the interface between a client's web browser and the web pages that the client is requesting to view.
    When a client requests a web page, the request is sent to the web server. The web server then retrieves the requested page from its storage location and sends it back to the client's web browser to display.
    Web servers use HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to communicate with clients and deliver web pages. They can handle multiple requests from clients simultaneously and can support various programming languages, such as PHP, Python, and Ruby.
    Web servers can be configured to serve static content, such as HTML, CSS, and images, or dynamic content, such as database-driven web applications. They can also provide various other services, such as email, file transfer, and domain name system (DNS) resolution.
    Some of the most popular web servers used today include Apache, Nginx, and Microsoft IIS. These web servers are open-source software and are widely used by businesses and organizations to host their websites and web applications.
    In summary, a web server is a critical component of the World Wide Web infrastructure. It plays a vital role in delivering web pages to clients over the internet and supporting various web-based services.
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