Google Analytics Hack – obtaining full referring URL

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Google Analytics don’t report dynamic referring URLs, which can be frustrating when you check your referrers. The only thing your report shows you is something like /forums/viewtopic.php

I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve gotten traffic from a forum or the like, without being able to track down exactly where (which thread) it’s coming from. Many times, you can increase traffic to your site by joining in conversations and offering up your take on the subject the thread is discussing. Sometimes, you can even take a bad situation (possibly a negative review of your site or product) and turn it into an opportunity to build off of. If the criticism is warranted, you learn what you need to do to fix it. If not, you’re free to defend yourself and offer up your side of the story. Basically what I’m trying to say that this information could be useful in many different situations… if only Google Analytics provided it for us.

Pittbug's AvatarWell, thanks to Pittbug and the hack he created, you CAN get this information through Google Analytics. Thanks Pittbug!

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