Google Analytics: No updates for over 24 hours.

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At least some Google Analytics accounts have not received updates stats for over 24 hours. I’ve felt that analytics was “sluggish” for the past week (see this thread on the forum). A delay of three to five hours isn’t unusual for Analytics (and not too bad for a free service) but yesterday at noon Central Standard Time Analytics broke. It’s been almost 25 hours since the last updates for many Analytics users.

This breakdown, coupled with the problems on Google News yesterday and Google Financial today makes be wonder if there aren’t major problems in the Plex. Is Google just over extended or the victim of something more sinister?

Update 4:16 pm CST: Still no updates at the 28 hour mark (apparently longer than that for some). At least one user has gotten a response from Google about the Analytics issue. In part it reads:

Under normal circumstances, report data generally takes up to 24 hours to update, but may sometimes take longer to appear in your account. AdWords cost information is imported once daily, to import the previous day’s information.

That’s not my experience and does this imply there is also an issue with AdWords?

Update 4:35 CST: Apparently Adwords IS a problem. This just in from a forum member:

btw it’s not just those… I have a bunch of adwords scheduled reports for the beginning of this month that never started either…

Just remember, Google promised they haven’t lost any of your data. that should be reassuring…

Update 6:34 CST: 30+ hours and counting. In it’s Analytics blog Google claims it merely, “system maintenance.”

Update 8:00 pm CST: Correction: Finally stats for yesterday today. Now only about three hours behind which is about average. Hopefully Google will offer users some explanation beyond “maintenance.”

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