Google Pixel review: The best Android smart phone

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The Google Pixel phone takes the market share with it’s classy look and unbeatable features. It comes with a higher price tag but the software and support can’t be beaten.

It’s been few months that The Google Pixel and Pixel XL has hit the market globally. Apparently tired of letting third-party Android OEMs serve as the stewards of Android handsets, Google has become a hardware company. Samsungs Galaxy note 7 explosions that shifted the Samsung phones demand in the market which has given Pixel a head start in the market. In this article in review the Google Pixel. So let’s check it out.

We all know that earlier in 2017 Google, launched a hardware division with the former Motorola President Rick Osterloh at the helm. With the high-ranking title of “Senior Vice President,” Osterloh doesn’t oversee a side project & his group is on even footing with YouTube, Android and Ads. The hardware group is so powerful with Google that it was able to merge the popular Google Nexus, Pixel, Chromecast, OnHub, and Google Glass into a single business unit.

The arrival of the Pixel phones signifies the sad death of the Nexus line; According Google says that it has “no plans” for future Nexus devices. So the Pixel is all you will have now. Google pixel is a nice phone. I am using it since last 2 months and I have zero complaints about it.

Google has borrowed Apple’s pricing strategy. Say goodbye to the Nexus’ “value” price tag; the Pixel and Pixel XL are both priced just like iPhones ($649/£599 for the 5-inch device, and $749/£719 for the 5.5-inch device). The Nexus 5X and 6P were both still got decent pieces of hardware, and their $350/£339 and $500/£449 high price tags made it easier to excuse their shortcomings. See the video review here.

Google Pixel Review

The Google Pixel Camera Quality

The Camera comes first when you talk smartphones these days. It became the most important factory. We all love taking pictures using our phones now. So let’s review the Camera quality first:
I’ll go over the five points that I think clearly define a great mobile camera experience.

Image quality: Excellent
Image stabilization: no OIS for photos, but video stabilization is excellent
Low-light performance: very good
Speed (AF Speed + Camera Speed): very good, although not as fast as Galaxy S7 in AF speed. Lots of software processing post-shooting, but done as a background task.
Camera settings: Excellent, just point, and shoot.
As you can see, it’s fair to say that the Google Pixel competes ferociously with the best out there: the Galaxy S7 Series. In some ways, Pixel is superior (HDR, tone-mapping) and in other ways, the S7 remains ahead (AF speed, less/faster software processing).

Software Updates

Google Pixel gives the best Android experience.

The Google phones always gives you a “pure Android” experience, means that it is the Android interface and features, exactly as Google intended. You get the android just like it was truly meant to be for you. For those not familiar with the term, keep in mind that many other OEMs, especially big brands, will tend to create extra layers on top of Android, to make it their own. But with Pixel you don’t face such things. You get the true android experience.”THE GOOGLE PIXEL DELIVERS THAT ULTRA-SMOOTH EXPERIENCE” for you.

Pre-loaded Apps

Sometimes the less it is, the better it is. Google has very few “bloatware” that you don’t need in your phone. Which also makes the phone faster. Google has a great ecosystem, an amazingly big user base and therefore doesn’t need to “differentiate” its product by adding bullet-list features and form alliances to preload software. In short, Google does his best to give you a great Android experience.

System Performance:
Google Pixel comes with Snapdragon 821. It’s is a very powerful chip that has excellent performance, especially when it comes to graphics performance. The Google Pixel has 4GB of RAM and has 32GB to 128GB of storage & there is no microSD card option. The system performance is super fast and amazing. checkout the bench marks: