Amazon Echo Dot 2 review

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Amazon echo dot is another powerful version of Amazon Echo but it’s in a smaller size. Amazon Echo dot got a new upgrade and that is the Echo Dot 2 which comes with improved new voice recognition processors. It can hear you far away from your room also. I

Amazon Echo review

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AMAZON ECHO Amazon Echo is an AI device runs on Amazon clouds, named Alexa. I love Alexa, after buying it, I started falling in love with it. Its voice recognition capabilities are truly amazing. She will listen to commands, answer questions, plays music including spotify & controls smart home

How to Signup for a Gmail account

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Gmail is the first things comes on mind when you think of emails. Google gmail is one of the best and leading email service in the world now. It’s fast, easy and super simple. You can create a gmail account within few mintures and it’s all for free. On

Chromecast Ultra Review compared to regular Chromecast

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At $69, Google’s new Chromecast Ultra costs nearly twice as much as the regular Chromecast, but it’s worth it. You will know whether the Chromecast Ultra is a worthy upgrade when we get it in the lab for testing, but until then here are details for you to understand

Google Home speakers review

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If there’s one thing Google is good at, it’s the google search. Google Search is the best things you got on the internet and we use it daily. Imagine that search in your hands. Now it’s tailored in Google Home. It has the 20 years of experience that helped