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A while ago I wrote about placing a value on regular blogging. I mentioned that one of my biggest frustrations about blogging previously had been the fact that I wasn’t seeing a return on my investment. To be more accurate, I should probably say, I wasn’t seeing a direct return (read as “cash money”) from my blogging efforts. While I think I’ve come along way in that area, there still is nothing quite like cold hard cash to motivate me to blog. I’m not even in the same league as some of the big money making blogs, but this will be the third paid review I’ve done through SponsoredReviews over the past month. More importantly, I’ll have earned enough from these three reviews to cover my car payment this month. Now before you get too excited you need to understand that I drive a Mazda Protege but my point is, if you’re a blogger struggling to find the motivation to write or you just want to make some extra money every month, you need to sign up with SponsoredReviews. Before you ask, that’s not an affiliate link and I wasn’t paid to endorse them. I was however paid to review Reflections Coaching LLC so I guess I should get to it.

Before even looking at the site in question I could tell a couple of things. First of all, the review request asked for a review of the website, a blog, and a squidoo lens. Just like I told WallHogs, there’s simply no good reason to have your blog on a different domain than your main site. I realize typepad makes things easy, but if you can figure out how to set up a Squidoo lens (something I’ve still not gotten around to doing), you can certainly figure out WordPress’ famous 5 minute install. Set up WordPress (or your blog platform of choice) and 301 redirect the current blog to the new version on your domain. That way you can spend your time working on building traffic to one site, not two.

In terms of design, the site, blog and squidoo lens all have a fairly consistent feel to them. The sites display the information well and have clean easy to use navigation. The hyper links live up to their name, jumping around when you scroll over them which I personally find annoying. I’d also like to see a stronger emphasis placed on the call to actions but overall, the design is pretty darn solid.

SEO, on the other hand, is a slightly different story. Just like WallHogs, Reflections Coaching has not redirected the non-www URL to the www. version. Also, the URLs aren’t quite as well optimized as they could be. Pages like this group coaching page would be better served to have the full keyword phrase in the URL. Something like would be better than the current truncated gcoaching.html. Also the headlines of the pages would be more potent if they weren’t quite so long. Something like “Group Coaching Provides Multiple Prospectives” or even just “Group Coaching” would be much better in terms of optimization for the search engines.

Probably the two best optimization tips I could give would be to continue writing. Blog regularly, create interesting and informative blog posts and target longer, less competitive terms as you work up to targeting larger industry wide terms. Your site is fairly new and there is a lot of competition for the terms you’ll likely be targeting. The other tip of course is to get more links to your site. I’m a firm believer that nearly every site can create link bait of some sort and yours certainly isn’t the exception. Articles like 20 Tips for Overcoming Stress, top 10 mistakes busy people make, and How to be Successful While Having a Family all would be great topics and might very well succeed on some of the social bookmarking sites. The Reddit or Netscape crowd might be a bit more in tune with those types of topics but Digg might surprise you as well. Continue to participate in the industry whether it’s through LinkedIn, MySpace, or just commenting on blog and I think you’ll be pleased at the rate your site traffic grows.

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