#1 Secret to Getting Free Google Pay Per Click Ads

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The affiliate marketer has a unique ability to find ways to make free money, on the Internet. The problem, for lack of a better term is to get the potential buyer and the Want-to-be seller together. Hence, we have various methods and/or manners, forum marketing, social network, article marketing, building niche websites marketing, and the ever famous pay-per-click, to name a few.

Every marketing strategy varies to some degree in the amount of time and money one needs to commit and/or invest in getting these buyers and sellers together. The concept of forum marketing and/or social network marketing requires minimal time and can require little or no outlay of cash. Depending on the method one wish to employ article marketing may require little to no investment of capital. It seems to a common thought that anyone can market articles, even when they cannot write. Of this idea, I am not so sure this is a truism. Next is the building of niche websites it seems even more time-consuming, not to mention you will need to purchase a domain name and cover hosting fees. All of these are great, time tested, methods to earn income by driving targeted traffic to merchants who will pay you a commission on every sale you generate for them.
Now we come to the highly lucrative (Internet marketing) business model that you may well need and/or want to consider. Nothing if anything of value is both quick and easy. Nor is execution and perfecting of this next method. A very simple mistake in your execution could cost you several hundreds of dollars. However, if you can decipher the formula, pay-per-click advertising, can generate a nice income.

What we’re talking about here is the traffic brokering method or the pay-per-click to cost-per-acquisitions business If one has been in the Internet marketing arena for only a small length of time, you have at least heard of idea, and the marketing methods. The idea in using pay per click is to drive traffic to high-converting CPA which is suppose to get your pay-per-click ad in front of as many potential buyers, as is possible. There are numerous methods, many termed underground techniques to do this. I use the term “underground” because a vast majority of those people doing pay per click marketing are not using the methods, nor are they even remotely aware of these strategies/methods. Please do not get caught up buying every new pay per click e-book that comes out, nor should you buying ads which often target one or more general keywords and phrases.

However, you do need and want to cast a wide net which will catch as much traffic as possible, while keeping your costs as low as possible. This is the key to creating the perfect pay-per-click formula. Not to mention it needs to be free