7 Signs You Are a Forum Addict and How to Cure Yourself

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The following is a guest post by Yuri from Improve the Web. If you enjoy this post consider subscribing to his RSS feed.

Perhaps, you live your online life without considering the trade offs you make or whether you really spend too much time online. Use the list below to see if you are addicted to a forum and how to fix it:

You are addicted to a forum, if..

  1. You always have your forum opened in the browser.
  2. You restlessly click the “New posts” button, often seeing that there are none
  3. You know some of the members better, than your real life friends.
  4. Obviously, you are one of the most active members on the forum.
  5. You are seriously considering meeting up with the fellow members in RL.
  6. You feel like you own at least part of the forum, though you are not getting paid for it.
  7. You link to any kind of forum threads often, since you have read or participated in them yourself.

How to spend less time on the forums

  1. Get a job and work hard ;)
  2. Read the forum only several times per day
  3. Only reply to a thread, when you absolutely have to

[Editor’s Note: As the owner of a forum, I feel I should tell you that forum addiction can not be cured. Stop trying. Resistance is futile!]
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