A Glimpse Inside Google

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By now of course the SEO blogs are all buzzing about the New York Times’ article, “Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine.” Nearly every major blog has at least mentioned it and several have analyzed it, tossing their two cents worth out there for us to consume. However, the one advantage I believe this site has over many of the blogs out there is our amazing community of members over in our SEO forum. Granted, we’ve not done as well as we possibly could have leveraging the fantastic members the congregate there, but in this case, I think the advantage shines through. You see before the story had hit almost any of the blogs, DazzlinDonna (of SEO Scoop) had gotten the conversation going with some quick but well thought out commentary. As of this writing, the analysis continues with several industry experts throwing ideas back and forth, as Donna put it, “doing what we as SEOs do best.” So, rather than try and find an original take or angle on the story, I’m simply going to point you over to the thread and invite you to read, lurk, or join in the discussion. After all, the more ideas and opinions that get thrown into the mix, the better off we’ll all be.

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