Akismet Dropping the Ball?

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I realize when you’ve not updated your blog in quite a while people usually expect your next post to be on topic but hey, since when have we ever done what’s expected of us? lol..

Anyway, I’m wondering if any of our readers have had a problem lately with a lot of spam comments sneaking their way through Akismet? I’ve gotten so used to the plugin snaring 90% of the spam that hits this blog that when I logged in and found 20 or so spamtastic comments awaiting moderation it surprised me. We’re not even talking the weird short comments that SEOblackhat wrote about recently. We’re talking big fat long comments ladened with lots of links with blatantly spammy anchor text.

Perhaps this is Akismet’s way of scolding me for not posting lately. Maybe it doesn’t feel like I’m doing my fair share. If that’s the case, I’m sorry! I’ll try harder but I mean seriously…. a comment that contains only the word phentermine about 100 times 50 of which are links? Big A, you dropped the ball on that one, I just hope you’re not losing your touch.

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