Amazon Echo review

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Amazon Echo is an AI device runs on Amazon clouds, named Alexa. I love Alexa, after buying it, I started falling in love with it. Its voice recognition capabilities are truly amazing. She will listen to commands, answer questions, plays music including spotify & controls smart home devices. She will interact with third-party apps as well, answer questions and even help you do your shopping through amazon site. Amazon has been pushing out upgrades through new third-party apps called Skills. It’s like an App store like we have on our smartphones. Almost two years after it arrived in the US, Amazon has finally brought the Echo and the companion Echo Dot to the UK. But there are ways to use it outside US & UK. We will cover it up in next articles.

How to step up AMAZON ECHO

Setting up the Echo is quick and easy. You need to open the packet and plug it into power adapter and it will turn on. Then you need to download the Amazon Alexa App on your smartphone. It’s available on both App Store and Google play store. You can also visit on the web.

From there you’ll pair the Echo or echo dot with your home Wi-Fi connection. Even if Echo is about as far away from my router as it could be. I’ve never experienced a drop off while our internet connection is active. It’s fast and smooth. The Alexa app allows you to add new Skills – Amazon’s parlance for third-party apps. Over there you add Spotify integration, Uber rides and pizza orders from Just Eat and even read BBC news.

Linking your phone via Bluetooth is also super simple. Just say “pair”, and then alexa will blink lights and will start for your device. Now on go to Settings > bluetooth on your iPhone and pain the Echo Dot xx and you are all good to go. Alexa will say that it’s paired.

See the full pair and setup instructions in this video:

Best part is the Amazon Echo Sound Quality & Speech recognition

Asking to play music via voice command is a bonus and often a lazy smart thing. Don’t treat it like a sound system, though. If you’re purchasing the Echo purely as a speaker, your money is better spent elsewhere. Echo is not awesome for being a speaker. It’s a AI device with you can even talk like a friend. Just like Siri and sometimes better than siri.
Sound quality is agreeable enough at low-to-middling volumes. You should not play it at volume 10, it’s better when you play it on 8. It’s good for a small room. If you have a big room then it’s better if you connect your echo with speakers.

Should you buy an Amazon Echo or even Echo Dot

It’s the burning question now, should you get an Amazon Echo or not. We know that it’s amazing but is it worth the purchase. Well, the answer depends on you. If you got a lot of smart devices, electronic, Phillips hue lights etc then yeah close your eyes and buy it now. What if you don’t have them, still you can consider purchasing it. Its a great device and it’s getting smarter day by day. Amazon it pushing updates and adding skills. It’s better than siri. It’s a smart device from the future. I think you should start with purchasing the Amazon Echo Dot 2, it’s only $49.99 and Echo is $189. Enjoy!