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Quick ‘n Dirty SEO

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Don't have time to do a complete overhaul of your site? Not sure what SEO is speculation and what stuff works? Here's the bare minimum to give your site a boost.

SEO is a School of Thought

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While there are many different levels of web developers out there, many with their own methods of promotion, there is two things about SEOs that set us apart from them. And that is how we do our promotion and the mentality we hold as we do it.

9 Things to know about Social Bookmarking and SEO

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I’ve written twice about social bookmarking at 14thC - the only topic I’ve covered more than once and back-to-back no less. Yahoo! is clearly convinced that social bookmarking is the way of the future with their purchase of Flickr, Upcoming, and now *maybe* Digg (rumors abound) all along

Are the Bad Old Days of the Internet Creeping Back?

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It seems to me web site owners are getting silly again. As Rand Fishkin pointed out at SEOMoz, site owners are getting interested in SEO for reasons outside of traffic.

Wikipedia and SEO, An interview with Wit

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Understanding, and leveraging, this trusted information source can lead to better SERPs and more traffic for your site. Wikipedia was started in 2001 and has grown to become the largest reference website on the Internet. It is a free-content encyclopedia, collaboratively written by anyone with access to an Internet-connected