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Lines Bluring Between Online Industries

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This post is going to be a bit of a stream of consciousness type brain-dump. I’ve been considering this topic for quite a while now and I’m still not sure I’m any closer to “figuring it out” than I was when I started. In fact, if I did “figure

SearchWiki: Now or Never for SEO

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There has been a lot written about Google’s new SearchWiki in relation to SEO. The initial reaction in most of the posts I’ve read is that SearchWiki sucks and it’s going to ruin SEO. Some SEO bloggers have entered into full Chicken Little mode claiming the sky is falling.

What Value Are You Adding?

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One of the resounding themes of this year’s PubCon was a short but profound question: What value are you adding? While it seems like an easy question, having a solid answer to the question can be the difference between success and failure for your site, and not just in

Is SEO Blogging Worth It?

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When I first heard about search engine optimization, I was given a set of CD’s and tasked with learning how to bring traffic to a website from the search engines. While those CD’s helped educate me in the basics, it wasn’t until I stumbled across an SEO forum that

The Election via Google

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This time of year it’s hard to avoid the latest most up-to-date polling numbers telling you which political candidate is winning or which party is in the lead. We’ve got political pundits coming out of the wood-work and each one of them has a different take on the whole