Best Adwords Book – the Search is Over

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Best Adwords Book – The Search Is Over

What is the best Adwords book out there? You have probably seen all of the many books, ebooks, guides, ezines and more about what is the best Adwords book. It seems like anyone that has made a dime using Adwords writes a book about it.

I should know as I myself have spent countless dollars and have A LOT of Adwords guides. So, how do you sift through all of the garbage and find the best Adwords book?

Well, first, what is in a good Adwords book? I would think that it would need some key components.

It should tell you at least a little bit on how to find products to market online and do some market research. If you already have a product or business, or will find one, the next thing it should tell you about is finding keywords.

Many people just pick broad keywords as opposed to specific keywords, and waste money on general traffic. For example, if you are selling a book on how to train your dog not to bark, you wouldn’t want your keywords to be words like “dogs” and “bark.” You will get a bunch of wasted clicks. The best Adwords book should explain this and better yet, how to pick very specific keywords that will convert to sales.

Then, you have to know how to set up ads on Adwords, so that you are not the 100th ad listed and never get any traffic. Most people have no idea how to be in the top few ads without wasting all of their money. And most Adwords books never explain how to be listed in the top ads without spending $10 per click. There are many small little things that could sky rocket your Adwords Cost per Clicks and list your ad way down the line to get no traffic. In fact, if you aren’t on the first page of Ads, you’re wasting your time. So, the best Adwords book should explain how to do this.

Finally, this “best Adwords book,” if it exists should tell you how to optimize your page that you are sending traffic to. Google has gotten really strict about your page being relevant to the ad you wrote, and the keyword you are bidding on. Many of the Adwords books out there don’t explain this, or they are behind on Google’s latest rules and how to have your ad listed in the top ads without spending $10 per click.

Now, I don’t really want to sit here and tell you about all of the useless Adwords books out there because I don’t like badmouthing others. Any Adwords book that does not go into depth about the above things I mentioned is not worth the money. I would avoid Adwords books that are full of hype too, like make $1000 day starting in 5 seconds. Some are worse than others.

I did tell you that the best Adwords book did exist and that the search was over. Being rather Adwords savvy, I recommend Beating Adwords above any other Adwords book. It is the Best Adwords Book. The writers (whom I know personally) are Adwords technical geniuses and it is the most updated (and stays updated) Adwords book available. Its not a bunch of hype about how to make $300 a day starting in 5 minutes. I wish that I would have read it before any of the other Adwords book, but hopefully I at least saved you some time and money.

See for yourself. Here’s the link, you be the judge.

Beating Adwords