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It looks like May is going to be a good month for SponsoredReviews on this site. When I logged in to write this review, I was greeted with the message that another advertiser had already purchased another review and a third had accepted my bid (Bah! More on this later). Now that’s what I like to see! Alright, on to Bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser of course is a Google Adsense competitor which counts for quite a bit in my book. However, their review request caught my attention. Many advertisers ask you to focus on specific areas of their site, specify anchor text they’d like the reviewer to use, or state their reason for purchasing the review. However, I’ve never seen one quite like this one:

Please do not use direct links and if you do, please add the nofollow tag, as we do not wish this review to be considered as link buying.

The only reason I can see for this request is that they’ve fallen victim to Google’s recent FUD tactics in regards to paid links. Now normally I would never allow Google to tell me how to link, however, since Bidvertiser is paying for this review, I’ll honor their wishes. When you look at Bidvertiser’s rankings, it’s easy to see why they wouldn’t want to rock the boat. They currently rank #1 in Google for the search terms “pay per click”, “affiliate program”, and “make money.” While that is fantastic, there is still room for improvement. Most prominently, the site is nowhere to be found for the term “ppc” which according to Wordtracker is searched for nearly as much as “pay per click.” Also they currently have the same title for several of their pages. With a site as powerful as editing the title tags to include related terms such as “affiliate programs” (the site only ranks for the singular version of the phrase) or “ppc” seems like a no-brainer. I’d also have liked to see Bidvertiser use keywords in their URLs. For example, could have just as easily been However, I’m a firm believer that if something isn’t broken, you shouldn’t try and 301 it.

Once again, this has been a paid review of the site If you’d like me to perform a review of your site, you do so through SEO Refugee’s SponsoredReviews listing.

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