Blogs, blogs, and more blogs

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Well as of late some of the most interesting threads from our forums have been discussing blogs. This all started when toddieg launched his randomcraponline blog
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and asked for a site review. During the course of discussion, two very interesting threads were spawned.

The first was a discussion about how to monetize blogs (how to make money off then for all you central Missourians hehe). There are tons of blogs out there that get amazing traffic numbers and are run by people who are simply oblivious to the gold mine they are sitting on. Also, we are discussing any new and different ways to profit from traffic. Of course PPC ads such as Google Adsense or YPN is one of the most popular options, but very often those ads go largely ignored. Promoting affiliate products is another popular way to turn traffic into money but that option is not available to all blogs. It really is an interesting thread so feel free to weigh in.

The Monetizing thread soon spawned yet another blog related thread. This time the focus was on branding. The thread Branding by Blog discusses the pros and cons of a blog on your branding efforts. The difference between Personal branding (getting your name out there) and Corporate branding (establishing your company name as a trusted name or brand) has also come up in this discussion.

It will be interesting to see where these threads go but I wanted to highlight them just in case you haven’t had a chance to weigh in yet. As always, the more input the better!