Bury me quick I’m an SEO

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Update, Back from the Dead: I haven’t heard anything from Digg but, as mvandemar pointed out in the forum, the searches referenced below now return correct results revealing only about 14 pages of buried SEO stories (of which this post is one). Good to know SEOs aren’t as universally hated at Digg as it first appeared. Of course, as mvandemar also pointed out:

An apparently random Digg bug that only affects people’s ability to find SEO stories? That’s conspiracy bait right there.

The only way that could get any more conspiracy-like is if you threw in it was either a government plot against SEO’s or that Digg was actually run by aliens.

Gotta run, my tinfoil hat needs an update.

A search on Digg for the term SEO in the title or description, searching all stories for all time yields 11 results. All posted in the last 20 hours.

Here’s the search…

Now try the same search but include buried stories…

There are 246 pages of results. That’s over 3500 SEO related posts buried!

Additional information:

This item was buried in less than a half hour. Although, at least in this case, it may have been warranted. I was (literally) asking for it.

I’m hopeful that this is actually a bug in Digg’s system. Looking at the source for the original search results it ends with a tag and the usual Digg footer is missing. However, I haven’t been able to duplicate the problem with any other search. I’ve contact both the feedback and abuse email addresses at Digg in hopes of getting an answer.

MacStansbury points out in the comments “That would be a bug, since I did the same search for SEO just in the title, and got 145 pages of results. Adding in the buried posts didn’t add that many new pages (about 9).” He’s absolutely right and I should have checked that. Thanks for the tip. Still haven’t been able to reproduce the results with any other search term but it’s looking less malignant.

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