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buried on digg We used to have a lot of fun on Digg but all good things must pass and it's been quite a while since we had anything go popular. We're not whining about our fate (OK, actually we are) but we thought it was

Sphagnumbelunx me, please!

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In theory, given enough time, a roomful of monkeys pounding randomly away at keyboards will eventually produce Hamlet. Of course it’s more likely that in significantly less time those same monkeys will discover Amazon, order William Shakespeare: The Complete Works and render the whole experiment pointless. Besides, from what

Mayday! Lesson to Learn from the Digg Revolt

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If you haven’t been to Digg today, you’ve missed a LOT! Basically the whole site has blown up in Kevin Rose’s face and it’s all due to a little tiny hex code. Just to catch you up on events, the hack was submitted to Digg, was removed from Digg,

Digg Friend Invite Exploit NOT Fixed…

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UPDATE: It looks like they’ve FINALLY fixed the issue. After Digg was down for a brief time, I logged back in to see this message: If you pay any attention to Digg, you’ve probably already heard about the exploit of their new Friend Invite feature. Basically, by adding a

Pictorial Proof of Digg Censorship

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The 5 Second Summary – “In reality, if your story is critical of Digg or exposes a flaw in Digg, there’s a very good chance your story doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of making Digg’s front page. While this allegation is nothing new, and very strong anecdotal