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SearchWiki: Now or Never for SEO

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There has been a lot written about Google’s new SearchWiki in relation to SEO. The initial reaction in most of the posts I’ve read is that SearchWiki sucks and it’s going to ruin SEO. Some SEO bloggers have entered into full Chicken Little mode claiming the sky is falling.

The Election via Google

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This time of year it’s hard to avoid the latest most up-to-date polling numbers telling you which political candidate is winning or which party is in the lead. We’ve got political pundits coming out of the wood-work and each one of them has a different take on the whole

SEOR’s New Look Blog

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Regular visitors to the SEO Refugee blog will, no doubt, have noticed that something looks different here. For quite a while our home page and blog have needed freshening and it's finally happened. With any luck, we'll apply a similar freshening to the forum in the next month or

A Glimpse Inside Google

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By now of course the SEO blogs are all buzzing about the New York Times’ article, “Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine.” Nearly every major blog has at least mentioned it and several have analyzed it, tossing their two cents worth out there for us to consume. However, the

Yahoo Selling Search Results?

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According to a thread in our SEO Forum and a post at SEO-Scoop, Yahoo is including pay-per click ads in its organic listings. To the casual observer, the ads are indistinguishable from regular listings leading some to question whether Yahoo! is selling rankings in their search engine result pages