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SEO MythBuster Revisited: Inbound Links

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You know how in horror flicks there’s always that point where you think the killer is dead? Just when the main character lets out a sigh of relief, WHAM! The killer springs back into action because apparently the death blow was in fact merely a flesh wound. I’ve always

John Chow Creates SEO Experts

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Update: Turns out I was right! Skip to the end if you want to know the secret. You’ll have to pardon me if this post sounds a bit like a rant because… well… it pretty much is. However, I think it’s both necessary and addresses an issue many of

SEO is Dead

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OK, that sounds a bit over the top for a site with SEO in its name so I’ll clarify. I did not mean Search Engine Optimization, as we know it, is dead. Nor did I mean to say that SEO has become Search Engine Marketing, Online Marketing or anything

Exposing SEO Myths: Guaranteed Rankings

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Last week, we started a new column in which we expose SEO Myths and the people or sites that perpetuate them. It’s an irregular column but if you were worried that I wouldn’t have enough to write about in this space, rest easy. Not only are there plenty of