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Theme Revisions: Let me know how it’s working

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OK, I know this doesn’t look like a major change but I’ve been struggling all day with this WordPress theme. It has some new features that I’d like to offer in the themes we sell over at Blogging Experiment and I’d like all the input I can get on

ScratchBack added

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We’ve added ScratchBack to our right sidebar. For those of you that aren’t familiar with ScratchBack, they position themselves as a new sort of “tip jar” but in reality, it’s just a simple method to sell text ads. We’ve chosen to initially make 5 spots available at a cost

New Server & Forum Design

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Well, after about a week of a bogged down server, we’ve moved the site over to a new wide open server. While we’re fairly certain we know what the issue was (*cough*Wit*cough* ;) ) we were also having some email delays so the move was still needed. While he