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Well, after an up and down track record for posting regularity on this blog, several different conversations, and finally listening to the advice I’ve given countless others, we’re going to be making some changes to the SEO Refugee Blog. The biggest, rather than trying to post every day, succeeding for a while, then tailing off and posting nothing for weeks on end, we’re going to limit our posts to one or two a week. For whatever reason I get burned out on the topic of SEO much quicker than normal. Maybe it’s because I do it for both work and a hobby or maybe it’s because there are so many other great SEO blogs out there, but whatever the reason, I think this is a move we need to make. The advice I’ve given others is find a way to stand out. When everyone else is doing one thing, do another and carve out a name for yourself. If you subscribe to many of the same SEO blogs that I do, you’ll see that people are posting a lot. So, we’re going to post regularly, but much less often. Consequently, I’ll have much more time to work on the posts and I’m hoping that will result in a higher quality post as well.

Also, a new design is on it’s way as well. I’m not quite sure when, since I’ve pretty much been on Pops’ case to help me with one thing or another for the past… oh 22 years ;)  This will likely include a change to the site’s home page as well. While we had good intentions and great ideas for the home page, they never really seemed to materialize.

Last but not least, we’re going to be making a change to our disclosure policy. In light of Google’s misguided crusade against paid links, we will no longer be disclosing which links are paid or which posts were sponsored on a case by case basis. Basically our disclosure will be that we often do paid reviews on this blog and our readers are probably more than smart enough to figure out which posts are which. This probably isn’t a big deal to most of you but I just wanted to let you know why the change is being made. While I’m tempted to just flip Google the digital bird, the fact is when we actively blog and optimize this blog, it does rank well in Google and we do receive decent traffic and exposure from them. See G, this is what happens when you put people between a rock and a hard place. Anyway, end of mini rant.

So, there you have it, change is in the air but I think it will end up benefiting everyone, most importantly you, our readers.

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