Contest winners!

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Ok, so I am slow on the updates but hey, I work. Anyway our Photo Contest was won by DazDonna in a narrow margin over Wit. To be honest I have no idea what the prizes were but I’m sure they’ll remind me and we’ll send them out.

The March Madness Pickem was won by Search Engine Nerd. He had 81 points to Donna and my 61 and all the others who simply were too pitiful to mention lol.

I dont think anyone in our contest had George Mason in the Final Four and I am pretty sure no one picked Florida to win it all but SEN definitely had more of the bracket right than anyone else by far.

Anyway SEN has a pretty cool new site that I actually would probably have blogged about even if he hadn’t won the contest. Either way, I owe him a blog post and a link to his site The New York Nerd. The blog covers all sorts of different things but has been pretty entertaining for me. The site is pretty new but I like the look and love the content. The article about weird keyboards is one of my favorites so far. Well done SEN! NYnerd is already on my reading list and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. (By the way, promoting this site was not part of the prize package for our March Madness Pickem contest, I just really like the site.)