Forum Blacklist: IPs of Forum Spammers

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It’s been a while since our three part series on Forums, however, they continue to get significant traffic. So, in the spirit of giving the people what they want, I’ve decided to publish SEO Refugee’s Forum Blacklist. Basically this is a list of IP addresses that we’ve banned from our forums for repeated and blatant spamming. Before we began banning IPs, we had to deal with quite a bit of spam and an impressive amount of spam via our contact form. However, since banning these IPs and adding a “human check” to the contact form, we’ve significantly cut down the amount of spam.

vBulletin's Banned IP Addresses formIf you have a forum (specifically one targeting a similar audience as our SEO Forum) you may want to consider banning these IPs as well. In my experience, someone who spams one forum will likely spam others and that’s not usually someone I’d want as a member. Luckily, at least in vBulletin, there is a very simple and straightforward IP Address Banning interface, although the option can be a bit tricky to find. Under the vBulletin Options, scroll down until you see User Banning Options. Once you click Edit Options you’ll see a Banned IP Addresses list box. If you find that a particular IP has been spamming your site, simply paste the IP address into the box and update your options. Now that you know how to ban the IP, here’s our list…

SEO Refugee’s Forum Blacklist

The list is by no means complete but I’ll continue to update it as the spam comes in.