Google Adwords and Clickbank – A Brief Overview

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So, You own a website and want to get traffic there. Maybe you own a business? An informational Site? or even a community or social gathering group website? With google adwords, you can promote all of these kinds of websites effectively and even more. Many of the big league search engines now offer what is called PPC advertising which stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising. In a nutshell, PPC advertising requires you to pay for each click that is received through your selected publisher, in our case it being Google Adwords.

Many people think that they can simply create an Adwords account and automatically have their website exposed to the whole internet, This is not true at all, not even one bit. Using google adwords to advertise and market your site can be very costly, frustrating, and most of all time consuming. Unless you are an expert in internet marketing then you must first do alot of research before you start your campaign with Adwords. A tip of advice from me would be to do as much research as you can on the topic or product that you intend to promote with your ads, and research all of the relevant keywords that pertain to your topic or product.

A great example of this how people use a very popular website called Clickbank. Clickbank offers a service that puts Publishers and Affiliates together so that everyone wins and earns a profit. Although many of the products sold on clickbank are not beneficial to the customer itself, There is still alot of profit that can be made. The easiest way to start out using Adwords in conjunction with Clickbank is to choose a product that you wish to promote from clickbank, research the product and its conversion rates, and then select the keywords you wish to use so that when people enter your keyword on google your site will be listed under the sponsored results.

Many people think that it is not aloud to promote other peoples products as an affiliate through Adwords. This is not true at all. Thousands upon thousands of people are making real money doing this. Although i cannot tell you all of the tips and tricks of using these tools together, It is best to know just the basics first and then continue your research as your business or whatever you are promoting progresses. If you were to create an Ad campaign through google adwords to promote a product such as “Baseball Cards” you are going to want to make sure that you use the correct keywords in promoting this campaign so that you get the most converting clicks for your money. With the example of “Baseball Cards” you are going to want to use keywords such as “baseball, sports, cards, memorabilia, collectibles” and so on. There are many online resources where u can input a keyword or phrase and all of the most popular keywords will be displayed.

After all of that being said, I would just like to advise everyone that deals with Google Adwords, Clickbank, or these two websites in Conjunction, to be very careful as to what you are getting yourself into. Do the research, talk to people who have had success with these resources, and you will most likely prosper and be able to successfully promote your website and ultimately make the money that you have always dreamed of.