Google Adwords Mistakes to Avoid

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Google Adwords is a very popular and effective way to advertise your product or business but it can also be frustrating. Here are the top Google Adwords mistakes to avoid.

The number one spot goes to not using the free keyword tool to be sure your content is something people are currently searching for. It does you no good to try selling am item that hundreds or thousands of sites already market. The keyword tool will take a word or phrase and provide an estimate of not only how much it was searched for and how much competition there is, but also a list of other related words and phrase, along with their searched for rates and competition levels. It is an invaluable tool and with the Adwords account, is completely free.

Another common Adwords error is bidding too high. If the value is $1.89 per click and you spend double that amount to ensure your ad gets the prime spots, you will not make enough money to even cover your budget, let alone make a profit. Set your bids at the recommended minimum and never go more than 15% above it unless you’re holding a gold mine.

Adwords places your business or product in front of millions of viewers but many users forget to design an ad that will grab attention. Most Google ads are placed on the top or sides of a website, bunched into neat sets. An Adwords title has to be spectacularly attention getting to compete.

Set a limit to the campaign and evaluate the results often. If at the end of three weeks, you have spent $100 but have no sales to show for it, do not continue to waste money. Change the ad, the demographics or times it’s shown. You could even add something, like a free item. Do anything except allow it to run as-is. That version is clearly not working.

The most common Google Adwords mistake to avoid is bad or too few topic choices. These terms determine where your ad is shown and to whom. What good is it to advertise elderly products after eleven in the evening? Make sure your terms match your content and your ads are being shown to the correct target audience.

Tip: Always be sure to use the Adwords tool before running a campaign. This will save you money and allow you to choose the correct search terms for your ad.

Getting your product or business into Google Ads is a great marketing strategy if you know what Google Adwords mistakes to avoid. These are the most common.