Google Home speakers review

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If there’s one thing Google is good at, it’s the google search. Google Search is the best things you got on the internet and we use it daily. Imagine that search in your hands. Now it’s tailored in Google Home. It has the 20 years of experience that helped it to become the number #1 site we all go to when we want to look up anything on the net. Heck, most people just say “Google it”. That’s not it only, Beyond it’s search we use Google for a lot of things, including getting directions via Google Maps, sending email in Gmail, and watching videos on youtube. In early 2016 Google came up with Google Assistant: a voice-based, conversational way for us to interact with Google’s products and services. Google Home was born. Now it’s on the market available for you to take your home to next level with the techs. You can purchase it for $129.

Google Home review

Flexible design

96.4mm (D), 142.8mm (H); 477g
White finish, interchangeable bases
Touchpanel and voice control

Home is every tech lovers dream now. It’s a short device – about half the size of the Amazon Echo – that complements anything from Ikea. It’s only available in white in the market, also you can customize the colors. Google is selling $20 optional bases that come in a variety of fabric or metal finishes and colors).

Voice control

All you have to say is ” OK GOOGLE” or Hey Google, these words will activate your Google Home. It just works like “Hey Siri” in iPhone. It has Far-field voice recognition for hands-free use. The other things you’ll notice about the top-half of Home are these two diluted with the far-field microphones, which basically allow Home to pick up your voice commands from across a room. The microphones is really very powerful in Google Home. That’s key for a largely voice-controlled product.

Audio performance and Google Cast

Google Home is actually a pretty capable audio device as well. It’s better than Apple Music & Amazon music store. You can access all sorts of streaming services – Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Pandora & Spotify. It also works as a Wi-Fi speaker thanks to its built-in Google Cast powerful capabilities.

Google Home as the center of your smart home

Don’t worry, Chromecast isn’t the only device that Google Home can talk to. There are lots of devices that can hook up with your Google Home right now, or will be able to do so soon. Nest is working on new devices also. It surely beats the Apple Home system. Google Home can connect to right now are Nest thermostats, Philips Hue bulbs and Samsung’s SmartThings and more things are coming soon.

Google Home Stepup process

The step up process is very easy and smooth. It’s done within few minutes. Just plug it in, download the Google Home app (formerly Google Cast) and tell the app to search for the new Google Home. You’ll give it a name (i.e.iAppleStuffs Home/ SEO home/ Jhon’s home), configure your Wi-Fi network, connect your Google Account and you are ready to go you go. The app, as well as an insert inside the box, provides a list of some of the things you’re able to accomplish by starting a sentence with “OK, Google.”

Google Home does things better than Amazon Echo. I really liked it. But i think it’s bit price else all the things are perfect.