Google Wifi Router Review 2017

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It’s so interesting that nowadays wifi routers are getting smarter and smarter day by day. The router has transformed from a traditional computer hardware with antennas widely sticking out of it to multiple, sleekly beautifully designed pods that are placed throughout your home. Google Wifi is one the best routers of 2017 now that looks sophisticated and works 3x faster than older generation routers. The new method of using more than one device as a wireless hub is known as a mesh system, and it promises to fix all the dead zone problems traditional routers. Now you will get full home coverage with the Google Wifi routers.

Google Wifi Router Review

Apple routers have this features that it can extend the current wifi network but Google wifi does the job better. Another popular brand Eero is the most well-known mesh router system which quickly hit the market, including efforts from Netgear and other startups. Now Google is moving forward into the mesh router game with the Google Wifi and is faster than all of these routers and with the more advanced feature.

You have to use an App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and also from the App Store to setup the router and configure it. You will attach the Lan cable inside the main router and power cord as well and rest two routers you can put at any place at your home, they don’t need to connect it to lan cable, it will mesh and get connected to it’s mother router when you step it up. The step is very easy and all instructions are given in the app. It works flawlessly.

Price of Google Wifi

Google Wifi is now available for purchase in the Google store. It comes with a price tag of $129 individually or $299 as a three-pack. The price seems high for a wifi router but that’s a lot less than the Eero router which starts at $499 and still cheaper than Netgear’s $399 Orbi, yet gives you more better features at that price.

Coverage of Google Wifi router and security

According to Google, a single unit can cover a 1,500-square-foot home, while a three-pack will span a 4,500-square-foot residence, that’s a lot of space. Additional units can be added for more coverage beyond that. It good enough to cover up a 3rd-floor building also. The network speed 3x faster than any other traditional wifi routers. Google Wifi router has AC1200 2×2 Wave 2 capabilities and supports dual baseband (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11a/b/g/n/ac networking. It is secured with the standard WPA2-PSK protocol. Which is highly secured.

Should you buy it or not

The Google Wifi router is pricey however it’s less expensive than the other branded routers. Apple Airport Express and Extreme is a good eco-system for Apple Users but Google Wifi plays fair in the game and gives you better coverage and more security than another router with a lot of features and it’s beauty. So based on the features it’s worth at the price. I think it’s worth buying.

Google Wifi is the next logical extension of what Google started with OnHub last year back in 2015. It takes the simple setup from the app. And you can fully control it from the App. And if you’re going for a mesh router, Google Wifi is the one think you should pickup.

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