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Grey Wolf’s site ( has apparently been hacked by a hacker with a serious beef against the SEO community. The site now redirects to the hackers wordpress powered blog with a YouTube video of someone playing with fire. The message that went out via GreyWolf’s RSS feed was this:

This site has been hacked!

go to (omitted for decency sake) for more information

Who am I?

My name is XXX. I am XXX years old, I live in XXX and I’m what some people might call a “computer geek”.

In-real-life I study and own a web development studio. Online I’m a well known white hat SEO. You can find me at v7n, threadwatch, webmasterworld, digitalpoint and reading stuff from blogs like personified, copyblogger & seomoz (In fact I’m a moderator at one or two of those forums!) I love to help newbie’s on forums, movies and long walks on the beach… I have an “evil” alter ego called FishingPirate.

FishingPirate loves racking, warez, black hat stuff and general mayhem ;)FishingPirate hangs out at IRC and spends all his bandwidth downloading torrents and yet-another asian porn video. As you might noticed, this site to my dark side…

What I’m going to do?

I’m going to crack all the SEO related sites/blogs/forums that I can… Maybe once in a while a non-SEO site will slip into the list but what the hell! Who cares anyways?

I will publish here detailed information on how I did it and maybe the juicy stuff that I find on their sites – Backups, sql dumps, secret stuff… who knows :)

Actually no, I’m so sorry that was my WH side speaking… I will not publish the juicy stuff, I will trade it for stuff that I need & e-gold. If the owner acts like a biatch, the juice will end up at the little green demon

Why I’m doing this?

1. Because I want

2. Because I can

3. Because lately the SEO industry is LAME and BORING – Want a proof of that?

– The SEO industry is just a bunch of self-proclaimed gurus making more money from their “guru” status than from SEO.

– The blogsphere (God I hate that word) is filled with countless “SEO blogs” syndicating what other “SEO blog” syndicated from another “SEO blog” that syndicated some bullshit guru.

– The most insightful and fun thing that has happened recently in the SEO industry (and anyways It was a looong time ago!) was the freaking search engine spammer who indexed billions of pages in Google thanks to a bug in Blogger, some DNS wildcards and a PHP content generator. Oh boy, people over webmasterwold and digitalpoint where going crazy about it!. So I’m about to bring back some fun to your lives…

When will I start?

As we speak…

The list – Mess with the best, die like the rest? He scares me… Just typing his site in this list makes me tremble – That bitch needs some AdultFriendFinder love ASAP! – A bald “guru”, he is like the Buda of the SEO “gurus” (See – The hardest one of the list. Hats off to RSnake and iD! – Actually I’m just going to target and their forums – Hard – They have the ugliest backend (and forum!) I’ve seen in my life – The blog and the private forums (I help out n00bs over there once in a while) – I’m not aiming for a deface; rather I will find & release ways to game their “democratic” system (This will make happy some webmasters out there) – Had access to their server until they updated their stuff. This is the biggest target on the list… – Dude wtf?! You came out of the blur and now your blog is everywhere – Your book is not that good anyways so get lost…

Don’t feel unimportant if your site is not listed here, more and more sites will be added gradually ;)

Well, I guess the good news is that we’re not on the list but this sucks for GreyWolf. Also, I’ve got to say something about this smells a bit fishy to me. Something of this nature would be a GREAT publicity stunt. I’m not saying GreyWolf is doing this, but my spidey sense is tingling like this is some sort of setup and we’ll be hearing more about this in the days (perhaps weeks) to come. I should say, I hope for the sites involved sakes that this is just some publicity stunt and not something malicious that will harm the sites (or their rankings for that matter) on a long term basis.

UPDATE: Stuntdubl’s site ( has also been hit apparently. All the links are redirecting to FishingPirate’s wordpress blog.

UPDATE #2: Apparently v7n and seopedia were also hit. Shoemoney might have figured out how this guy is pulling it off.

UPDATE #3: The hacker has updated his blog:


I can’t believe it…

You guys link fast…

Anyways, I just started the first hacking cruzade… The easy targets (WordPress blogs with register_globals=on) using a custom PHP script based on this code

The easy ones where,, &

Also, I took a present of all those servers (cough…… cough)

As always, you can join in the discussion about this topic in our SEO Forum

Events are unfolding too quickly for me to continue to update this post. Check out our forum thread if you’d like to keep up with all the details as they become known.

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