Hacker Issues Another Threat To Digg

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As I reported yesterday, a hacker exploited a weakness in WordPress to redirect, deface, and just generally pwn several tech related websites. However, all of the affected sites shared the same weakness that can be remedied by upgrading to WordPress version 2.0.7. So, is the hacking carnage over?

Well according to the hacker, it’s far from over. The “hit list” of sites the hacker plans to target most notably included TechCrunch (whom he seems to have a particular hatred for) – “www.techcrunch.com – Had access to their server until they updated their stuff. This is the biggest target on the list…” and Digg.com – “www.digg.com – I’m not aiming for a deface; rather I will find & release ways to game their “democratic” system (This will make happy some webmasters out there)”. And, in his most recent post on his second blog (his first, a WordPress blog was quickly banned), the hacker once again issued a threat against the social bookmarking community Digg.com while reveling in the attention he’s currently getting.

Yeah more news about me!


People, it has been a long day and I have worked a lot… I will stop
defacing for a couple of days and I’ll work in something for Digg.com

That’s the second mention of Digg the hacker has made, and it appears the uber popular site will be his next target. So what could this guy possibly have in mind? Well in his own words he plans to “game their democratic system”. That little comment got me thinking of ways Digg, and more importantly the “democratic system” could be gamed. The system is obviously based on votes or diggs and suddenly a light bulb popped on. A couple days ago The Mu Life highlighted a user that was digging stories at an incredible rate. What if that was simply a dry run? Imagine if that occurred on a large scale? What would happen, for example if a hundred users were constantly digging every single story. Rather than the best and most popular stories making the front page, every story would be getting an excessive amounts of diggs. In essence, rather than being a democracy, it would turn Digg into pure anarchy. Is this how the hacker is planning to disrupt digg? I don’t know. It definitely seems like a possibility and one thing’s certain. It’s going to be an interesting week for Digg and all the other site’s on the hacker’s hit list.

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