How to Choose an Internet Advertising Search Placement Solution – Consultant Without Getting Burned:

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How do you choose an Internet advertising search placement solution and/or consultant without getting burned?

With all the conflicting clutter and spam on the Internet there is a lot of confusion about pricing, performance, and methods: and a real need for clarity; so demand proof or performance!

The old expression where the sales manager asks the salesperson about what he has done lately really applies here: with Internet technology changing so quickly, recent proof of performance is all that matters: in this case, real-time proof!

So what have you done lately? Not last year, not even six months ago; what real-time competitive search placement can you take credit for and prove right now in front of me?

What deep search that others are paying for do you come up on right now, on Google, Yahoo, MSN (Windows Live) or all three? Show me one client who ranks right now for a deep search on Google that I can call and ask about you!

It is really that simple; when it comes to choosing somebody to buy from to achieve first page organic search placement for a chosen two or three word search string: performance is all that matters, really!

And why would you want to buy even pay-per-click advertising from somebody who did not understand the whole game, or who had a personal (commissionable) ax to grind?

Think about it, and don’t waste your money on internet advertising which will not get results! Click the text links in this post for real time proof of what I am saying here ;-)

I am Israel Rothman, an Internet Advertising Consultant