How to Convert Youtube Videos to MP3

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Youtube is an ocean of music, videos, tutorials and much more. You can convert a YouTube any video to an MP3 file in a number of ways. Like, using a conversion website, downloading some apps which will do the work for you, browser extensions and conversion programs are also options if you don’t want to go for downloading. It’s really just a matter of choice, but I will recommend doing this online as it can be done very easily through a conversion website. I will give you the step by step guide on this article on How to Convert Youtube Videos to MP3.

How to Convert any Youtube Video to MP3

Over here, without any download of any additional software/apps, I will guide you on How to Convert Youtube Videos to MP3 totally online. You can do this within few steps very easily. Follow these steps below:

Step 1:
Go to and go to your desired video which you want to convert it to an MP3 file.

Step 2: Now at the top, just copy the video link as show below

Step 3: Now go to this link YouTube MP3

Step 4: Now over there, Paste the link of the video which you want to convert it to mp3. Then click on Convert video. It will convert the video to mp3 totally online.

Step 5:
Now just click on the download to save the mp3 file in your desktop. Done

This is a very simple way to convert Youtube videos to MP3 online. It’s easy and as converted online so you don’t even need to download any apps or software to do it. It’s also free.