How to Create 40 Content Rich CSS/XHTML Valid Websites in 3 Days

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For many niche webmasters like myself, content creation is a part of daily business. On an average day I will write at least 4 content pages and some days more than 40. What I’ve discovered recently will hopefully help take you to the next level, as it has taken me.

If I were to tell you that I created 40 new content rich niche sites in less than 3 days, with each site having between 6 and 12 pages each would you believe me? Most people would say it’s impossible to put together that much content, but I’ll tell you how I did it.

1. Hire writers. Outsourcing is the backbone of my operation. When I hire people I’m able to multiply my efforts. Without them I would still be working on writing over 300 articles. To hire freelance writers, you need to find a website that allow you to post a job opportunity to freelance writers. You can find these websites by searching Google for “hire freelance writer” or something similar. All you need to post is how much you’ll pay, how many words you want and your email address. I posted a very short advertisment for writers on ONE single site and received over 300 responses in one week. This allowed me to be very picky about which writers I wanted to hire, and it also allowed to me ask them for a sample article (topic of my choosing). If hired, I used that article as for my websites.

2. Utilize Open Source designs. With a few simple modifications to open source designs, they become unique. For my 40 sites, I would do a few of the following, remove footer, add sidebar, change colors, modify CSS text colors, etc. The goal is to remove any footprints that tell Google your site is just like all of the others. Since I was creating 40 sites in 3 days, I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on each site so I rushed through the templates trying to get content into them, and get them uploaded as quick as possible.

3. Get in a groove. For me, when I start working I hate distractions. I turned off my cell phone, closed Gmail, and went to work. I would open Gmail every few hours, download the articles from my writers to my desktop and close gmail again. When I finished one site, I uploaded it, then put it in a folder on my desktop to stay organized and moved on to the next site. This workflow allowed me to focus on the copying and pasting and interlinking the site. I added meta descriptions, keywords and removed a bunch of junk that the template author added in. Basically trying to make the design look unique.

4. Profit. Once you have these niche websites set up, there are a million different ways to profit from them. That will take time however. You could sell the individual sites, you could get the PR up and sell links, you could also find a good affiliate program. The point is to get the sites online so you have options. With a bunch of empty domains, you don’t have options, with 40 new websites, you have a lot of options.

Well, in a nutshell that is how I put 40 sites online in 3 days. When you’re working that hard on getting something done, it’s really satisfying when you finally finish it. In the last 3 months, the sites have made about $300 total without any promotion. With a few links that profit should double easily. And in about 6 months, I’ll have broken even and will begin turning a profit without actually touching any of the sites.

Get out their and start profiting on content niches!

This was a guest post by Brandon Hopkins who is a call center consultant and full time webmaster. Currently Brandon owns over 100 websites.

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